Student demonstrates tech project

School may be out for summer, but there won’t be a learning slump for students participating in a Maker Camp hosted by Edwards Elementary School.

Technology Teacher Librarian Teresa Green, who organized the camp, said the four-day camp engages students in making unique projects using technology, recycling used materials and leftover items, and using everyday items in new and interesting ways.“Opportunities are available for students to experience soldering electronics, sewing electronics, 3D production using technology such as 3D pens and a MakerBot printer, as well as robotics programming with various modular robotics tools,” Green said. Students will also experience team-building and problem-solving through “Breakout Edu.”

Students worked with the Central Iowa section of Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers to learn electrical skills through several soldering projects.

The camp is offered to students from Ames and surrounding schools who are entering grades 2-5 for the 2017-18 school year.

Watch Allison Metschke explain her project that involves using a sewing machine and constructing a series circuit and a parallel circuit to connect LED lights to a battery using conductive thread,