Teachers in the Ames Community School District reached an agreement with the Board of Education on a two-year compensation package that was ratified at a special meeting, Thursday, Feb. 16.

The agreement, which is effective for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years, was ratified before changes to the state’s collective bargaining laws were expected to pass the Iowa General Assembly. If the changes are signed into law, state and local government workers will no longer be permitted to negotiate compensation issues such health insurance, seniority and extra pay.

Superintendent Tim Taylor credits the Ames Education Association for its longstanding work toward common goals on behalf of the District’s teachers. He said the agreement shows mutual value for District teachers and a commitment to attract and retain “the best teachers for the best students anywhere in the world.”

Highlights of the District’s agreement:

  • A total compensation increase of .89 percent for 2017-18. The compensation package includes a 3.6 percent salary increase that boosts the base salary by $700, from $31,450 to $32,150.
  • A total compensation increase of 2 percent for 2018-19 to cover increases in medical insurance and salaries.
  • Ending a $100 deductible medical insurance plan and a paid-up life insurance benefit that no longer reflect current employee benefits standards.
  • Providing procedures to address certain involuntary transfers to give teachers of “bubble” classes first preference to transfer to vacancies within their current building assignment and to allow elementary fine arts and physical education teachers a chance to have input on their building assignments.