Local veterans say they were deeply honored by a ceremony fifth grade students at Sawyer Elementary School organized to honor them for their service.  

The school treated veterans to a breakfast followed by a ceremony and choral presentation of patriotic music, Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Veteran Richard Maurer said, “This is awesome. Because the kids are interested. We like sharing what we did. I think it will help them grow.”

Maurer said the veterans, who each shared their service record, experience, and philosophy of life, tried to “get across that  students need to get a good education.”

“The future just doesn’t hand you stuff,” he said. “You have to work hard and earn it.”

Students said they realized “Veterans are cool. “They do different jobs.” “They had to work and study hard to learn to serve our country.”

Fifth grade teacher Brett Fuller worked with American Legion Post 37 to organize the event, with the aim of engaging students with history, social studies and intergenerational learning.

“This event serves as an excellent learning opportunity for our students to develop a deeper understanding of why we celebrate Veterans Day,” Fuller said. “It will also help them to recognize that we have many veterans who live right here in our community.”

After the ceremony, veterans joined the students in their classrooms to answer questions. The guests toured the newly renovated Sawyer building.