The Word Study Team met with the Board Teaching & Learning Committee Sept. 13. Teachers on Special Assignment Erin Miller and Mary Morton told the committee the timeline being considered for the Word Study plan now includes piloting the materials and ensuring instructional strategies are in place for meeting students’ needs and providing professional development for teachers. The goal is to move the plan forward with integrity and fidelity.

Ms. Miller and Ms. Morton summarized the Word Study Team meeting held Aug. 29, in which the team continued building its understanding of the rubric that will be used to evaluate the instructional materials being considered for core/Tier 1 instruction for phonics and phonemic awareness. The team worked on ways to ensure inter-rater reliability during the evaluation process and discussed the cornerstones of the pilot. The team is exploring possibilities for collecting data and input from pilot teachers, the community and the rubric.

The Teaching & Learning Committee asked for a written update that can be shared with the entire Board in the near future.