The School Board’s Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC)met with Teachers on Special Assignment Erin Miller and Mary Morton to get an update and learn more about the work of the Preschool through Grade 2 Word Study Team.

Ms. Morton and Ms. Miller explained how the Team evaluated various rubrics before deciding on the rubric to use for materials evaluation.

Based on District needs the Word Study Team had identified, the Florida Reading Research Center rubric, with the addition of a scoring guide developed by the state of Indiana, was selected as the best match. Ms. Morton and Ms. Miller said the Team is considering recommendations from Dr. Deborah Reed from the Iowa Reading Research Institute as it finalizes the rubric.

TLC members discussed how to proceed with the plan, including the possibility adjusting it to include a pilot study.

Vice President Tim Rasmussen asked the Team to report back on timelines and interim instructional strategies for meeting students’ needs and providing professional development for teachers. The goal is to move the plan forward with integrity and fidelity.