The Ames Community School Board approved calendars for 2016-17 and 2017-18 at its meeting, Monday, Feb. 22.

Students in Grades 1 -12 will start school Aug. 24 for both years. Barring unforeseen circumstances, such as weather make-up days, students will finish classes June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018.

Superintendent Tim Taylor and Board members said the state requirement to start school no earlier than the week of Aug. 23 prevented them from creating a calendar that starts classes early enough to complete the first semester and its projects and final exams before winter break.

Dr. Taylor said, within the constraints of state requirements, the most important considerations in calendar planning are providing 180 days of student instruction encompassing 1,140 hours, providing teacher workdays, professional development days, and recess days; and coordinating with the Iowa State University calendar for winter and spring breaks.


Ending 2016 school year and beginning 2016-17 school year

2016-17 school year

Key dates for 2016-17 Calendar

  • Aug. 24, first day of school for Grades 1-12
  • Aug. 29, first day of school for kindergarten
  • Dec. 22 – Jan. 3, Winter Break
  • Jan. 12, end of semester
  • March 13 – 17, Spring Break
  • June 1, End of fourth quarter

Key dates for 2017-18 Calendar

  • Aug. 24, first day of school for Grades 1-12
  • Aug. 28, first day of school for kindergarten
  • Dec. 22 – Jan. 2, Winter Break
  • Jan. 11, end of semester
  • March 12 – 16, Spring Break
  • May 31, End of fourth quarter