For the second year in a row, has ranked Ames Community School District the best school district in Iowa.

The composite ranking includes No. 1 rankings for

Ames High School

Ames Middle School

Our elementary schools are ranked Number 1-4 and 7.

The 2016 Best School Districts ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall experience of a school district. This grade takes into account key factors such as the strength of academics, quality of teachers, school resources, the quality of student life, as well as student and parent reviews, in an attempt to measure the overall excellence of the district.

At the time of calculation, NICHE’s database contained records for 12,153 school districts. School districts were not included in the ranking process if they did not have sufficient data. The final ranking results in 10,563 school districts receiving a grade, with 10,488 of those also receiving a numerical ranking.

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