Ames Middle School students and their primary guardian will receive emails during the week of August 10 listing their homeroom teacher assignments.  Students will receive a paper copy of their class schedule in homeroom on the first day of school, Monday, August 24. At that time, homeroom teachers will go over the schedules with the students, noting locations and answering questions in small groups.

Providing students’ schedules on the first day of school improves their accuracy and allows Ames Middle School administration to show environmental responsibility along with the District’s paperless registration process. Due to late registrations and the need to balance class sizes and composition, we found early schedules were simply inaccurate. They typically required posting and printing for students up to five times each in the days immediately prior to and after the beginning of school.

Students requesting specific courses which they haven’t taken previously (i.e. Accelerated Literacy 8 or Orchestra) will be sent a separate email the week of August 10 with an update on their status in those requested courses.