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Builder’s Club

Lori McCasland

6, 7, 8 Students learn about community service and leadership

Chess Club


6, 7, 8 Gives students opportunities to learn chess strategy, critical thinking and sportsmanship

Cyclone Leadership Club 

Lisa Kirsch

Sara Knutson

6, 7, 8 Student government body whose objective is to convey the wishes of the student body and the co-presidents’ plans to the administration.

Destination Imagination

Bruce Antion

6, 7, 8 A creative problem solving challenge for teams. Challenges always involve Vehicle, Scientific Principle, Fine Arts and Improv.

Drama Club

Megan Kelly 

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Learn about theater and try out for the school play.


Lego League

 Dagney Paskach

6, 7, 8 STEM critical thinking and problem solving challenge.

Math Counts 

Robert Alden

Lauren Booten

6, 7, 8 Math problem solving and critical thinking.

Math Olympiad

Steve McCrea

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Mock Trial

 Peggy Michelotti

6, 7, 8

Interscholastic competition that teaches about the legal process, critical thinking and public speaking by studying a case provided by the Iowa Bar Association and competing regionally with other schools to try the case in front of judges.

National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS)

Cappie Dobyns

7, 8

Provides visual artists with opportunities to explore personal artistic and creative passions while utilizing their talents to serve the community, within a fellowship of creative peers.


Year Book

Lisa Kirsch

7, 8  

Science Bowl

Jordan DiLorenzo

 Robyn Reisetter

6, 7, 8 Science Trivia challenge that promotes. scientific reasoning, teamwork and collaborative academic strategies.

Science Olympiad

Mary Glenn

Peg Barbour

6, 7, 8 Interscholastic academic science team of 15 students competes in pairs in 23 different events for all disciplines of science and engineering.

Student Ambassadors 

Jennifer Haglund

Rachel Krofta

6, 7, 8 Help new students feel welcome. Ambassadors receive training each year to develop skills that help them connect with new students.

Super Summer Information 

Juicebox Interactive