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Ames High School Fall Cheerleading

The Fall Cheer Squads had another banner year in 2015!

 The cheer squads at AHS focus on being CheerFULL at every Ames High event. Their year was spent, cheering at AHS football games, volunteering for community service projects and working hard to be great cheerleaders and ambassadors of their school.

This year the team was honored to have 7 girls make the All-State Cheer Squad, this is the most in school history.  They are: Sarah Friedrich, Megan Meyn, Caroline Farner, Sari Brakke, Rylee Gibbs, Macee Buss and Hannah Heindel.  The girls practiced December -March to perform in the State Boys Basketball Championship games.

Ames was also fortunate to host the Cheer Honor Squad practice, over 250 girls and their coaches attended to learn a routine that was later performed at the State Football Finals. Ames also hosted the All State Cheer tryouts held in September.

3 TIME STATE CHAMPIONS! This year Ames High State Cheer Squad under the direction of Coach Buss, placed 1st in 4A at the State Competition and 3rd in the Small Group Competition. A recap of the STATE team’s accomplishments under Coach Buss are as follows:

  • 2015- STATE CHAMPIONS in 4A and 3rd in Small Group, 3rd  at NCA Nationals
  • 2014- STATE CHAMPIONS in 4A and 3rd and 5th is Small Group, 6th at NCA Nationals
  • 2013-STATE CHAMPIONS in 4A and 3rd in Small Group, 7th at NCA High School Nationals-2012-3rd in 4A and 2nd and 3rd in Small Group, 9th at NCA High School Nationals
  • 2011-STATE CHAMPIONS in 4A and Small Group, 6th at NCA High School Nationals
  • 2010-7th in 4A
  • 2008- State Runner Up in 4A

Coach Sarah Buss

Phone: 515-817-0611

“I have found most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be”
– Abe Lincoln

“Live to Love & Love to Live”

Ames Chamber of Commerce

10th Year as Head Coach

2011, 2014 District Coach
of the Year

2006, 2007,2008,
NCA Coach Awards & Certification

2014 Iowa Coach of the Year and NFHS Regional Coach of the Year

ACCA Certification

Spirit Squad Management Certification

15 Yrs. Tumbling Instructor exp.

Judge of area HS Try-outs
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