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Ames High School Athletics

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 Ames High Hall of Fame Information

 AHS Athletic Parent – Athletic Handbook


Please frequently check the schedule below for
Updates the Latest Weather Related Athletics cancellations 

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Fall 19-20 schedules can be viewed by visiting this website
(click on “view schedule” on right hand side)


Ames High School Composite Athletic Schedule

Judge Johnston
Ames HS Athletic Director

Athletic Office:
P: 515-817-0611
Fax : 515-817-0617

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Dustin Rhoads
Sports Information Director

Athletic Office:
P: 515-817-0611
Fax : 515-817-0617

Iansmith2Ian Smith
Assistant Athletic Director

Athletic Office:
P: 515-817-0624
Fax : 515-817-0617


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