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Parent Teacher Organization

Our Purpose Statement

  • Foster the development of positive relationships between teachers, students, and parents and guardians by promoting a sense of community among the groups.
  • Enhance the educational process for Edwards Elementary students by promoting and providing educational enrichment opportunities.
  • Foster students’ positive school attitude by sponsoring and supporting efforts that are fun and build school spirit.
  • Support and show appreciation of the school staff.
  • Inform parents and guardians of school programs and school curriculum, and encourage their involvement.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts to support PTO goals and operating expenses land provide larger scale items to enhance the school.


PTO Email



Michelle Grawe

Vice President

Jenny Veale


Dawn MacLeod and 


Neysa Goodman

Past President

Megan Jurgens

Important Dates 

Event Dates:

      • Ice Cream Social – September 7th

      • Carnival – October 20th

      •  Read-a-Thon – January 8th -22nd

      • Taste of Edwards – February 27th

      • Sock Hop – March 23 rd

      • Science Night – November 13 h

      • Celebration of Learning – April 26th 

      • Field Day/Last Day Celebration – May 31st


    •  Monday, September: Mon 11th, 7 pm

    • Wednesday, November 8th, 1 pm

    • Saturday January 27th, 3 pm

    •  Monday March 26th, 7 pm

    •  Monday May 14th, 7 pm

      (Elections)In the off months, we’ll hold a community event such as a potluck at a park.


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