IMG_2083The Ames High Science Olympiad team finished in first place at the State Science Olympiad competition at Coe College on Saturday, April 18th.  This qualifies the team to represent the state of Iowa at the National Science Olympiad competition in Lincoln, Neb. in May.

Finishing with first place medals:

  • Kween Agba and Brynna Bargfield for Cell Biology
  • Nathan Chen and Katie Fukushima for GeoLogic Mapping
  • Sarah Shen and Nathan Chen for Dynamic Planet
  • Brynna Bargfield, Nathan Chen, Seamus O’Connor-Walker for Experimental Design
  • Yichen Xu, Nina VanderZanden, Sarah Shen for Protein Modeling
  • Alex Lee and Yichen Xu for Chem Lab
  • Julia Meyer and Yichen Xu for Technical Problem Solving
  • Nina VanderZanden and Tifany Chu for Forensics
  • Seamus O’Connor Walker and Takeshi Suzuki for Bridge Building
  • Tifany Chu and Zhi Li for Bungee Drop

Second Place Medals:

  • Sarah Shen and Katie Fukushima for Fossils
  • Brynna Bargfield and Seamus O’Connor-Walker for Disease Detectives
  • Ben Moats and Katie Fukushima for Entomology
  • Tifany Chu and Kween Agba for Anatomy and Physiology
  • Alexander Lee and Ben Moats for Astronomy
  • Julia Meyer, Jeremy Meyer and Takeshi Suzuki for Mission Possible
  • Julia Meyer and Jeremy Meyer for Air Trajectory
  • Takeshi Suzuki and Zhi Li for Wright Stuff
  • Nina VanderZanden and Yichen Xu for It’s About Time

Third place medals:

  • Takeshi Suzuki and Mica Magtoto for Compound Machines
  • Kween Agba and Shi Li for Green Generation
  • Takeshi Suzuki and Julia Meyer for Scrambler