Any student interested in taking AP Microeconomics or AP Macroeconomics for the spring semester should stop in the ELP alcove to pick up an application. You will need to have one free period (not necessarily the same period each day) open in your spring schedule to accommodate one of these classes. Applications will be due October 26.

The following Colleges and Universities will have representatives visiting this week.  Talk to Abby in Student Services if you need a pass to visit with one of them.

Thursday Oct. 12th is the last day to sign up to take a class for a contract grade with a pass/fail option.  You can get the info you need from Student Services.   

Monday – Hawkeye Community College – 1pm

Tuesday – Kirkwood Community College – 1pm & Iowa Lakes Community College at 2:25 pm.

Wednesday – Briar Cliff College – 10:00 am & Grinnell at 11:15 am.

Thursday – Knox College 2:25 pm

Friday – 1:00, The University of Iowa & Yale, also at 1 pm.