Dear Fellows Families and Students,

It is a with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself, Brandon Schrauth, as the new principal at Fellows Elementary School. My passion for education and supporting the success of all learners has been shaped over the past 33 years as a student, classroom teacher, teacher leader, and principal. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn alongside you in the coming years.   

Brandon Schrauth and family

Brandon Schrauth with his wife Holly and children Sophi, 4, and Elliot, 6.

My family refills my passion for my education life. My wife Holly is a first grade teacher for Waukee Community Schools. We were married at Reiman Gardens and have a special place in our hearts for Ames. Our two children are Elliot and Sophi. Elliot is 6 years old and has a keen sense of observation and imagination that he loves to put into action. We recently ate at Hickory Park and for the rest of the day we played restaurant. Sophi is 4 years old and has a passion for taking care of others. She is always helping and making sure all of her dollies are looked after. She loves to play alongside and with Elliot. Together we love to be outside, go for bike rides, read books, try new restaurants, and travel.

I hope to deepen my understanding of the Fellows community and to build relationships by joining Fellows for some of the remaining events this school year. I’m especially looking forward to meeting each of you in person! I’m eager to learn more about each of you and your passions in the coming months as we create our path together.

In partnership with you,

Brandon Schrauth