Parents are reminded that there are two parts to registration. First is the registration packet,
which gets turned in to the main office at the high school. Second is the online registration
information on your parent portal. If you haven’t already done so, please complete both parts of
the registration before the first day of school.

Buses will use the parking lot north of the high school to drop off and pick up students. This
enables parents to use both circle drives in front of the high school when they drop off or pick up
their student(s).

Fall Sports Kickoff: Friday, August 18

For more information, visit the AHS Athletics website. Gates open at 5:30 PM.

Freshman Orientation: Monday, August 21
Monday, August 21, is Freshman Orientation. 9th grade students will meet in the AHS
auditorium at 1:00 PM. Freshman are asked to be prompt in arriving as there is a lot to
accomplish during this short period of time. Your 9th grader will follow their schedule, meet their
teachers, and find their lockers. Orientation will end at 3:00 PM.

10th, 11th, 12th Grade New Student Orientation: Tuesday, August 22
New Student Orientation is Tuesday, August 22 at 10:00 AM, in the AHS cafeteria. AHS Student
Ambassadors will help 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students new to Ames High feel more
comfortable with their transition to our school.

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 23
All students should report to their homerooms at 7:50 AM on Wednesday, August 23. Students
can check their schedule on their portal to see whom they have for homeroom.

GMADE & GRADE Testing: Thursday, August 24 and Friday, August 25
All students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will test. Seniors do not need to stay on campus during the
test period. Seniors may stay in the cafeteria or media center, but are not to be in the halls
during testing.

Back to School Night: Monday, August 28
Monday, August 28th, Back to School Night begins with 1st period at 6:15 PM. Parents will
follow an abbreviated schedule of classes, meet their student’s teachers and hear an overview
of the class. At 5:45, prior to the start of open house, there will be meetings for parents of ALP
and ELP students. Here are the times and locations for those:
5:45 – ELP – 9th grade meet in the Auditorium
5:45 – ELP – 10th – 12th meet in the Multi-purpose Room
5:45 – ALP – Meet in Room 18

**NO late start Wednesday, August 23.
Warning Bell 0:05 7:45 AM
HR 0:05 7:50 AM 7:55 AM
Rotation A 0:21 8:00 AM 8:21 AM
Rotation B 0:20 8:26 AM 8:46 AM
Rotation C 0:20 8:51 AM 9:11 AM
Rotation D 0:20 9:16 AM 9:36 AM

Period 1 0:32 9:41 AM 10:13 AM
Period 2 0:32 10:18 AM 10:50 AM
Period 3 0:32 10:55 AM 11:27 AM
Period 4 0:32 11:32 AM 12:04 PM
Period 5 1st Lunch 0:38 12:04 PM 12:42 PM
Class 0:32 12:42 PM 1:14 PM
Class 0:32 12:09 PM 12:41 PM
Last Lunch 0:38 12:41 PM 1:19 PM
Period 6 0:32 1:19 PM 1:51 PM
Period 7 0:32 1:56 PM 2:28 PM
Period 8 0:32 2:33 PM 3:05 PM
12th 11th 10th 9th
Rotation A Aud HR CO HR
Rotation B HR Café HR CO
Rotation C CO HR Aud HR
Rotation D HR CO HR Café

Testing schedule for Thursday, August 24 and Friday, August 25, 2017. Note: 4th period
will be after lunch. Otherwise, with the testing period, students would have to wait too long for

Warning Bell 0:05 7:45 AM
Period 1 0:31 7:50 AM 8:21 AM
Period 2 0:33 8:26 AM 8:59 AM
Period 3 0:31 9:04 AM 9:35 AM
GRADE & GMADE 2:00 9:40 AM 11:40 AM Take breaks during
testing in HR testing as needed.
Period 5 1st Lunch 0:31 11:40 AM 12:11 PM
Class 0:30 12:11 PM 12:41 PM
Class 0:30 11:45 AM 12:15 PM
Last Lunch 0:31 12:15 PM 12:46 PM
Period 4 0:31 12:46 PM 1:17 PM
Period 6 0:31 1:22 PM 1:53 PM
Period 7 0:31 1:58 PM 2:29 PM
Period 8 0:31 2:34 PM 3:05 PM
Assembly schedule for Friday, Sept. 1, 2017
Warning Bell 0:05 7:45 AM
Period 1 0:39 7:50 AM 8:29 AM
Period 2 0:39 8:34 AM 9:13 AM
Period 3 0:39 9:18 AM 9:57 AM
Period 4 0:39 10:02 AM 10:41 AM
Period 5 1st Lunch 0:38 10:41 AM 11:19 AM
Class 0:39 11:19 AM 11:58 AM

Class 0:39 10:46 AM 11:25 AM
Last Lunch 0:38 11:25 AM 12:03 PM
Period 6 0:39 12:03 PM 12:42 PM
HR 0:05 12:47 PM 12:52 PM
Assembly 0:40 12:57 PM 1:37 PM
Period 7 0:39 1:42 PM 2:21 PM
Period 8 0:39 2:26 PM 3:05 PM
The normal bell schedules will begin starting Monday (8-28-17). Those times will be in the next
Friday Parent Email.

The AHS attendance office would like to remind families of our attendance procedures. If a
student has an appointment or needs to leave during the school day, the parent/guardian is to
call absences into the attendance line (817-0601) first thing in the morning or write and sign a
note, which details the reason for the absence. The student should take the note to the main
office where the student will be issued a pass to give to his/her teacher to leave class early.
When a student returns the same day, he/she should check back into the main office where the
return time will be noted.
If a student gets sick during the school day, he/she should go to the nurse’s office. Students
should not leave the building due to illness without reporting to the nurse first and getting signed

When it is known in advance that a student will be absent from school, the parent/guardian
needs to send a note with the student to the attendance office with the reason for the absence
and sign it, at least three days in advance. The attendance office will attach the note to a Prior
form for the student to have their teachers sign before returning it to the attendance office.
Without a Prior, the absence may be unexcused.

Teen Driver is offering a session of Drivers Ed starting Tuesday, August 29. Applications can be
picked up and returned to Mrs. McCarley in the old main office.

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Friday, August 18
Fall Sports Kick Off 5:30 PM

Monday, August 21
AHS Marching Band Workshop
Boys Golf: JV/V vs. Ankeny 9:00 AM
9th Grade Orientation 1:00 PM at AHS

Tuesday, August 22
AHS New Student Orientation: 10:00 AM
AHS Marching Band Wrkshp
AHS VB 9/JV/V vs Mason City 5/6:30p 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Ames High School
AHS BCC V @ Mt. Vernon Invite 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Mount Vernon High School

Wednesday, August 23
First Day of School – NO LATE START
Boys Golf: V @ Johnston Invite 10:00 – 5:00 pm Jester Park Golf Course.
AHS BG V @ Johnston Invite Jester – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Jester Park Golf Course

Thursday, August 24
Volleyball: 9/JV @ Newton Invite 4:30 PM Newton High School
Football: 10 vs. Marshalltown 6:00 PM – Ames High Football Field
Football: 9 @. Marshalltown 6:00 PM – Marshalltown High School

Friday, August 25 Football:
V @ Marshalltown 7:00 PM – Marshalltown High School

Saturday, August 26
AHS VB V @ Centennial Invite – 9:00