Friday, August 24, 2018

Students, please make sure your use  your 5th period class to decide when you eat lunch – it may change from day to day. The schedule is only accurate for the first class listed in 5th period.  Double check with your 4th period teacher if you are unsure.

If you feel you should have parking tag or an open lunch/campus sticker or Activity sticker on your ID and you do not, please check with the secretary’s in the main office during your free time.

All students should have a student ID. Please see Ian in the media center if you did not received an ID in homeroom yesterday.

Friday, August 24th

Plus Period Schedule

During Plus

Seniors to the Auditorium – To meet with Administrators

Juniors to the Cafeteria – To meet with counselors

Sophomores – To homeroom

Freshmen – To homeroom