The Ames High State Competition Cheer Squad, consisting of 22  fall cheerleaders, won their third championship in a row on November 7.  It is their fifth championship in 7 years. This year’s win was particularly special because AHS competed and won against 21 different 4A schools (previously there was a separate class for large 4A schools).  Besides the overall win, a Small Stunt Group of 5 girls placed third out of 18 teams in the Small Group division.

In addition to this great accomplishment, the State Competition Cheer Squad also won the overall Championship at the Triton Cheer Challenge held at Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, on November 1.  AHS’s two Small Stunt Groups who participated took first and second in their division also.  The Triton Cheer Challenge hosted 25 schools across Iowa this year and provided a great opportunity to showcase skills prior to the state competition.

Congratulations to Sarah Friedrich, Sophie Straub, Jillian Blum, Tina Wandling, Emma Stewart, Zoe Hamstreet, Erin Prochaska, Emily Draper, Megan Meyn, Sari Brakke, Caroline Farner, Rylee Gibbs, Macee Buss, Olivia OBrien, Lisa Cochran, Allison McHenry, Anna Napalitano, Emily Wenger, Hannah Kruger, Hannah Heindel, Grace Perrin and Lindsey Paysen.  They are coached by Coach Sarah Buss.

Tickets are on sale for the 25th anniversary annual Madrigal Dinners to be held on December 3, 4 & 5.  Cost is $28.00.  Regular (pork), vegetarian and gluten free meals are available at the time of reservation.  For tickets please email Steve Linn at or call 817-0600 ext. 2238.

There will not be a late start on Wednesday, Nov. 25 (the day before Thanksgiving). Classes will begin at 7:50 am and dismiss at 1:15 pm. See the Nov. 25 schedule below.
SCHEDULE FOR WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 25 (the day before Thanksgiving)

No late start, no homeroom. Classes dismiss at 1:15 pm for Thanksgiving break
Warning Bell 0:05       7:45 AM
Period 1           0:32  7:50 AM    8:22 AM

Period 2           0:34 8:27 AM    9:01 AM

Period 3  0:32 9:06 AM    9:38 AM

Period 4  0:32 9:43 AM   10:15 PM
Period 5/ 1st Lunch 0:38 10:15 AM   10:53 AM

Lunch Class 0:33 10:53 AM   11:26 AM
Class 0:33 10:20 AM   10:53 AM

Last Lunch 0:38 10:53 AM   11:31 AM
Period 6 0:32 11:31 AM   12:03 PM

Period 7 0:31 12:08 PM   12:39 PM

Period 8 0:31  12:44 PM    1:15 PM

Financial Planning night is scheduled for December 9, 2015.  It will be held in the Ames High Cafeteria at 7PM.  This is an informational meeting for Senior parents, but all are welcome.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

GBB-JV/V at Roosevelt 6/7:30 pm

BSwim JV/V vs Johnston 5 PM

Wednesday, Nov. 25

AHS- No Late Start, No HR, Early dismissal at 1:15 PM

Thursday & Friday, Nov. 27 & 28

Thanksgiving Break