Monday, August 31, 2015

There will be a 30-minute extended homeroom between 6th and 7th periods today and tomorrow.  During this time all students will take a math and reading assessment.  Students scoring low on these assessments will be scheduled into additional instruction to bring up their skills.  Please note:  If a student has the skills but decides to fail the assessment anyway, that student will still be placed into the additional instruction class.

Juniors and seniors are reminded that upon returning from open lunch you are to wait in the cafeteria until the lunch period ends.

National Honor Society’s first meeting of the year will be Tuesday during 2nd lunch in the Multipurpose Room. Plans for the year will be announced, so be sure to be there. See Mrs. Schmaltz if you have any questions.

Auditions for the fall play, Hound of the Baskervilles and one-act pre-show will be after school in Mr. Woolery’s room beginning Tuesday through Thursday this week. Auditions will be from a prepared monologue or reading which does not have to be memorized. PLEASE BRING A PHOTO HEADSHOT IF YOU HAVE NEVER AUDITIONED BEFORE OR MR. WOOLERY IS UNFAMILIAR WITH YOU.

Do you have your AHS black and orange umbrella ready? Great for outdoor sports/activities and a great gift for graduation. The orchestra has them for sale for only $15. These full size umbrellas feature a push-Button automatic open and a comfort grip black rubber handle. Email and I will deliver. Show your AHS spirit.