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Educational Public Access Television

The Ames Community School District’s public access channel informs the community and promotes the District’s mission through broadcasts of public meetings, instructional activities and District-sponsored activities and events.

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Next Live School Board Broadcast
Monday January 28 , 2019  at 5:30 p.m.
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Broadcast on YouTube Live Beta 

Jan. 14, 2019 School Board Meeting@ 6:30 pm
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Ames High School Orchestra 
Fall Festival 2018 

    Directed by  Mary Kay Polashek – Recorded on Nov. 1, 2018 


Airs @
6:45 sm 
4:49 pm 
6:32 pm
8:58 pm 

Adam Carroll 
 “How Ordinary Students Get Extrodinary Money for School” 

Author of “Winning the Money Game” , Documentary Film “Broke Busted and Disgusted ” and  Guest Speaker at TedX London.
Adam spoke to students at  Ames High School Career Day 2018.
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Airs at 
2:35 pm 
4:15 pm 
8;23 pm 


Lyndsey Fennelly Keynote Speaker Mental Health Conference at Ames High.

She spoke about her personal struggles for the first time in public in a riveting and inspirational talk. Her mission is the raise the awareness, break the stigma. November 15, 2018

 AHSlogoSM              Airs @ 
            1:05 pm 
            3:42 pm 
            7:33 pm

Your Journey Matters 

            2018  – District Administrators 
Superintedent Jenny Risner
            Edwards Principal Kristy Mixdorf  
            ALP/ Student Services Director Dr. Anthony Jones 
            Technology Director Karl Hehr 
            Ames Middle School. Assoc. Pricipal Jeremie Knutson
            AHS Student : Aishia Conteh 
            AHS Student Melina Hegelhiemer 
            AHS Student Iludo Ko 

Airs @
7:37 am 
1:43 pm 

AHS Shout 

News and Student Interest produced by
Ames High School Students.

AHS Shout 
November 2018

Shout logo Watch it on YouTube 

Airs @
6:37 am
3:37 pm 
  6:00 pm 

All District Breakfast Exclusive 

Guest Speaker Paul Gorski 
“Cultivating Equitable Classrooms and
Schools for Each Student  : An Equity Literacy Approach”

 Airs @ 
10:45 pm 

Founder of Equity Literacy Institute 

Founder of EdChange 

“How to Plan for College 2017-18”

Iowa College Access Network
and Ames High School Financial Aid Night
with Erich Danielson

9:53 PM 

ICAN logoWatch it Now
On YouTube   

The Year In Review 2017-18 

Highlights of All Our YouTube Video’s News and Events
from the 2017-18 School Year 


Airs @ 
6:00 AM 

Ames High School Awards Video 2017-18 


Watch it on YouTube 

The Impact of Teacher Leaders

Created by Ames High Business Engagement Collaborative students Katelin Edwardson and Peter Woodruff, this video highlights the different impacts of teacher leadership through the different teacher leader roles.

Airs  @ 11:48 pm 

Watch it Now
On YouTube   

Iowa State Speech Association
Ames HIgh School Students : 
Tiffany Rong, Storytelling 
April Wigdahl, After Dinner Speech
Elena Andrews, Poetry

Watch it Now
On YouTube  

Airs @ 6:15 am  


John Kinley
Story County Consortium Director  
Des Moines Area Community College 
Career Academy Opportunities at Ames Hunziker Center 
  An Ames High Learning Lunch 

 Airs @ 11:36 pm 

Studying Aboard
Guest Speaker Madi Buckley 
ISU Graduate  and English Teacher in Spain
Ames High World Langauage Department 
Instructor Stacey Dobernecker 

Airs @ 3:48pm 


A Brief History of Ames High
A quick history lesson in high schools in the Ames Community School District dating back to 1880. New buildings include those built in 1880, 1911, 1937, and 1961. 


YoutubeWatch it Now
On YouTube   

Iowa Department of Education
Teacher of the Year Award 
Ames High School – Aileen Sullivan 


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On YouTube  

Preparing LifeLong Learners
Our Education Plan

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 Education plan 2014

Multi Occupational Curriculum 
Life Skills Guest Lecture Series

Local Leaders
whose participation helps support our Public Access Channel
Going Places  – Technology Career Path
Josh Betram
Sr Software Engineer at Rockwell Collins
Working Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Watch it Online 


Ben Schmitt 
Being Prepared for New Career
Opportunities in Technology

Dwolla :  InfoSecurity/Security Risk Manager
Watch it Online 

College Info Geek. Com”
Thomas Frank

Entrepreneurial Start Up
Online You Tube Channel 





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