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Instructions for Infinite Campus Alerts Settings

The Text(SMS) message feature is an effective option for receiving Infinite Campus message alerts for parents and guardians whose cell phones have text messaging enabled. It is the District’s preferred method for alerting parents and guardians quickly in case of an emergency, including weather-related school cancellations and delays.

Choosing account settings for alerts:

You will receive alerts based on the settings you’ve selected for emergency messages.

  • Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account and open Contact Preferences under the User Account menu.
  • Check the (Text SMS) setting if your phone is enabled for text messages.
  • Select the Voice setting if you don’t have a way to receive text messages, or if  you’d like the security of receiving the message by both voice and text.
  • If you select voice for your home phone and your cell phone, you will receive two phone calls with the same message.
  • Voice messages work best when the receiver’s voice mailbox has room for incoming messages and the outgoing greeting is short.

Updating Household Information

Make sure your Household Information is up to date. You must provide Proof of Residency documentation to your child’s school before making address changes.

  • Log into your IC Parent Portal account and click on Household Information.
  • To update your home phone number and Primary Address, click on the UPDATE button in the related section.
  • Make the necessary changes and SAVE.


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