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Elementary Band

Please plan to attend the 5th Grade Band informational meeting
Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 7pm in AHS Cafeteria/Commons 


Elementary Band Schedule

Monday Fellows Lead Teacher: Paul Tallman
Assistant for lessons: Tascha Hauber
Tuesday Mitchell Lead Teacher:  Paul Tallman
Wednesday Sawyer Lead Teacher: Tascha Hauber
Assistant for lessons: Paul Tallman
Thursday  Edwards Lead Teacher: Tascha Hauber
Assistant for lessons: Paul Tallman
Friday Meeker Lead Teacher: Paul Tallman
Assistant for lessons: Tascha Hauber


Band Lessons start In September

Fellows –  Monday September 19 

Mitchell – Tuesday, September 20

Camp Sawyer – Wednesday, September 21

Edwards – Thursday, September 22

Meeker – Friday, September 23

Please get to the music store early so students will have their materials in time for their first lesson.

Students should have their instrument, accessories, and lesson book before their first lesson.

Instruments and accessories will be held at the music store to ensure that students will receive proper instruction before assembling and playing their instrument.

The music store will drop off instruments and accessories at each elementary before the first day of lessons.

If there is a late start due to bad weather, we WILL have lessons, so students still need instruments and materials that day.

Download the ” Strike up the Band .pdf ” for lesson book, accessory, and instrument recommendations.

Full band rehearsals start in October

Fellows – Monday, October 17

Mitchell – Tuesday, October 18

Camp Sawyer – Wednesday, October 19

Edwards – Thursday, October 20

Meeker – Friday, October 21

Rehearsals meet BEFORE school from 7:40 – 8:15 AM.

Students should have instrument, accessories, lesson book, and band music for each rehearsal.

Students should arrive at least five minutes before rehearsal begins so they can assemble their instrument and put their music in order.

If there is a late start due to inclement weather, we WILL NOT have rehearsal that morning, but lessons WILL meet during the day.

Rehearsals continue until the end of the year.

Performances Concerts

4/25/16 Fellows/Meeker combined concert – 6:45 pm Ames Middle School Auditorium

4/26/16 Edwards/Mitchell/Sawyer combined concert – 7pm Ames Middle School Auditorium


4/18/16 Fellows Matinee 8:40am – in the Gym

4/26/16 Mitchell Matinee 9am – in the Gym

4/27/16 Sawyer Matinee 8:45am – in the Gym

4/28/16 Edwards Matinee 8:45am – in the Gym

4/29/16 Meeker matinee – 8:45am – in the Gym

Ames Community School District Elementary Band


Paul Tallman
Phone : 515-239-3765


Tascha Hauber
Phone : 515-239-3790


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