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Ames High School Project

Phase 1 Study

Ames-based Haila Architecture completed a Phase I Study to evaluate the existing high school building and to consider options for renovation/additions or new building construction.  The resulting Report (Phase 1 Summary Documents – below) includes an assessment of the condition of the existing building; high level conceptual programming; conceptual building and site layouts for renovation/additions or new building construction; and consideration for phasing, cost, and schedule for renovation/additions or new building construction.

The Board of Directors for the Ames Community School District in response to High School Phase I Study, Report, and community input, has determined that the current High School facility including the swimming pool is inadequate to offer the educational program of the District. To address these needs, the Board of Directors plans to prepare a Bond Referendum for community vote in April 2018 to fund a new High School building.

 October 23rd Request for Proposal  on  Construction Management 

Minutes of May 1 Board Work Session on Phase 1

March 8, 2017 Facilities Committee update, Task 3 of Phase 1 study.

February 27, 2017 Board update for the Phase 1 study,

Phase 1 Summary Documents

Task 1 – Assessment of Existing Building and Site 

Task 2 – Programming

Task 3 – Building and Site Conceptual Design

Task 4 – Cost Opinion and Schedule



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