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Ames Teacher Leaders2

Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leaders work to increase learning for all students by strengthening teaching practices through job-embedded professional development.

Ames Community School District received a grant to launch its teacher leadership plan through Iowa’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation System. The system is designed to tap into the expertise of top teachers to improve classroom instruction, raise student achievement, attract and retain more effective teachers, and reward teachers for extra responsibilities. The 2015-16 school term is the inaugural year for the fully-funded and fully-staffed plan, however, Ames has long been ahead of the state’s education reform in providing instruction that meets students’ individual needs and in creating ways for teachers to collaborate. The grant gives the District more resources and opportunities to support its vision and goals.

Read more about the District’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation Grant

More details are on this Teacher Leaders site:

Teacher Leaders Blog

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TOSAs Mary Morton, Lisa Clayberg, Vonda Junck, Erin Miller and Kari Smith.


Teachers on Special Assignment

Lisa Clayberg
Teacher Leader Coordinator
Fax: 515-268-6611
Vonda Junck
Mentoring & Induction, World Languages, Career & Technical Education
Fax: 515-268-6611
Erin Miller
Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Counseling
Fax: 515-268-6611
 Mary Morton
Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, PE, TTLs
Fax: 515-268-6611
Kari Smith
Math & Science
Fax: 515-268-6611

Nicole Kuhns
Extended Learning Program
Fax: 515-817-0637

Shaeley Santiago
English Language Learners
Fax: 515.268-6611

Other Teacher Leaders

 Instructional Coaches

Northwood Johanna Hicks
Edwards Karen Frederick
Fellows Audra Watson
Meeker Karen Klotzbach
Mitchell Kelsey Harris
Sawyer Autumn Seiler
Ames Middle School

Aaron Bahr
Jeremie Knutson, Technology
Erik Ringsby
Breanna Van Dyke

Ames High School Patrick Donovan,Technology
MIchelle Fuqua
Katie Gustafson
De Anna Tibben
English Language Learners Shaeley Santiago
Behavior Laura Ballantine


Model Teachers

Site Based Council

Northwood Kendra Wuestenberg Alicia Ortner
Nicole McCrady
Edwards Jamie Andrist
Terri Boeding-Lincoln
Laura Clausen
Katelin Trautmann
Stephanie Myers
Fellows  Elise Wright   Jen Brekke

Ondrea Dellman
Alicia Ewalt

 Kelly Morken  
Mitchell Charlyn Mason
Kim Siberski
Stephanie Troncoso  
Sawyer Alissa Beisner
Nicole Coronado
Heather Briggs
Sarah Davison
Ames Middle School Robert Alden
Cappie Dobyns
Tonja Goodwin
Sara Knutson
Deani Thomas
Amber Upah

Spencer Esslinger
Travis Pierce
Robyn Reisetter
Caleb Shaeffer

Jenny Parsons
Rob Kain
Ames High School John Crall
Aileen Sullivan
James Webb

Stacy Dobernecker
Cynthia Gillette
Ben Matthies
Collin Reichert
Ginny Seibert
Leah Stearns
Teresa Testroet
Mike Todd

 Joel Sullivan
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