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H.O.P.E. – Food Pantry Program

AHS Hope

(Helping Other People Eat)

Our mission is to provide a place for not only at-risk families, but all families within the ACSD, in need of emergency food supply.  Ames High H.O.P.E. strives to be one of the solutions to the problem of hunger in our community. There are so many families that wonder when or how they will find their next meal, and this insecurity is a serious problem but at H.O.P.E. we can unite and defeat HUNGER!


  1. Give a helping hand to others
  2. Provide emergency food to those families of the ACSD who are in need
  3. Provide high quality and nutritional food to students and families
  4. Be a solution to the problem of  hunger in our community
  5. Distribute food discreetly in a safe and comfortable environment

Services offered:

Food Supply; meat, Dairy, non-Perishable Items
 Clothing; Various Sizes Personal Hygiene Items; Shampoo, Lotion Etc.

Donations of food and clothing may be brought to :

Ames High School H.O.P.E. 
1921 Ames High Drive 
Ames , IA. 

Donations Checks Should be made out to: 
Ames Community School District 
Att: Student Services/ Food Pantry 
2005 24th St., Ames, IA 50014.

District Online Form for Gifts to the District 

About Homeless Education in Iowa


Candice Collins
Homeless Liaison


Food Pantry Hours
Tuesday – Friday  
Call for Daily appointments


Please Contact your Student’s School for a Referral or Additional Information!


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