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Except for bus attendance calls, the District’s Transportation Coordinator is your first line of communication to transportation provider Durham School Services.

Contact: Dee Hehr
Transportation Coordinator
Ames Community School District
Educational Services Center
2005 24th St.
Ames, IA 50010

Fax: 515-268-6634

If at any time your student will not be riding the bus as scheduled, please notify Durham School Services: 515-233-5424.

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Our Transportation Policy

The District provides transportation either directly or by reimbursement according to state law and Board policy, for all resident students, preschool through 12th grade, who qualify.

  1. Elementary and middle school students must live more than two miles from the school designated for attendance.
  2. High school students, grades nine–12,  must live more than three miles from the school.

Other factors may determine a student’s eligibility for transportation. The District determines eligibility for transportation as students register for transportation services and makes changes in eligibility only at the start of the school year or second semester.

Families MUST apply for busing during registration and re-enrollment each year, even if  they applied for busing in the past.

Please note that applications received later than one week before the start of school are considered late.  Students whose applications are late will NOT be allowed to ride the bus until after Labor Day.

Discretionary Transportation

The District makes transportation available to students who live nearer than the statutory distance.

The student must live or have child care at a place that is near an existing bus route for which there is a seat available and is at least one-half mile from the school designated for attendance.

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