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Section G-Personnel

GCN/AFC: *Certified Staff Evaluations


Date approved

GBA: Equal Opportunity Employment 04-11-16
GBCA: Conflicts of Interest 01-12-15
GBE: Staff Health and Safety 01-11-16
GBEB: Communicable Diseases (Staff) 05-21-12
GBEC: Hazardous Material Risk 01-09-12
GBI: Staff Gifts, Solicitations, and Honoraria 02-24-14
GBK/KGC: Use of Tobacco on School Premises 02-24-14
GBL: Personnel Records  01-12-15
GBM: Staff Complaints 03-27-17
GBN: Searches (Staff) 01-26-15
GBO: Substance-Free Workplace 05-11-15
GBOA: Drug and Alcohol Testing Program 01-26-15
GBP/JHFG: Anti-Bullying/Harassment 12-03-12
GCB: Certified and Administrative Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans 01-26-15
GCBC: Certified and Administrative Staff Fringe Benefits 06-06-16
GCBD: Certified Staff  Leaves and Absences 12-17-12
GCBE: Administrators Vacations and Holidays 04-28-14
GCD: Certified Staff Hiring 11-23-15
GCDA: Administrative Staff Hiring 11-23-15
GCEA: Certified Staff Substitutes 10-17-11
GCI: Certified and Administrative Staff Assignments and Transfers 12-19-16
GCL: Certified Staff Development Opportunities 02-06-12
GCLA: Certified Staff Visitations and Conferences 11-23-15
GCN/AFC: Certified Staff Evaluations 03-30-15
GCNA/AFCA: Administrative Staff Evaluations 08-09-10
GCPA: Administrative Staff Reductions 12-17-12
GCPB: Certified Staff Resignations 12-17-12
GCPC: Certified and Administrative Staff Retirements Updated annually
GCPD: Certified Staff Suspension and Dismissal 02-10-14
GCQE: Teacher Plan Books 10-17-11
GDA: Support Staff Positions 01-25-16
GDB: Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans 01-25-16
GDBC: Support Staff Fringe Benefits  06-06-16
GDBD: Support Staff Leaves and Absences 05-06-13
GDBE: Support Staff Vacations and Holidays 04-28-14
GDD: Support Staff Hiring 11-23-15
GDEA: Support Staff Substitutes 10-17-11
GDI: Support Staff Assignments and Transfers 12-19-16
GDL: Support Staff Development Opportunities 12-19-16
GDM: Supervision of Support Staff 02-11-13
*GDN/AFD: Evaluation of Support Staff 04-28-14
GDPA: Support Staff Reductions 02-11-13
GDPC: Support Staff Retirement Updated annually
GDPD: Support Staff Suspension and Dismissal 02-10-14


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