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Technology Committee

Technology Committee Members

  • Director Dr. Allen Bierbaum
  • Director Gina Perez
  • Chair: Technology Director Karl Hehr


Technology Committee meeting will be held January 16, 2018 at the District Offices, Conference Room C.  We will start at 4pm.  

Technology Committee Agenda For Jan. 16, 2019

Past Meeting Agenda  

Technology Committee Agenda for  Nov. 4, 2018 

Purpose :

The purpose of the District Technology Committee is to advise the Director of Technology on key aspects of the use of technology by students and staff. These key aspects include, but are not limited to:

  1. Developing a vision of how technology is used across the district
  2. Improving the depth and breadth of technology integration K-12
  3. Providing the resources necessary for students and staff to use technology efficiently (including hardware, software, online subscriptions, bandwidth, and professional development)
  4. Managing policies and procedures related to the use of technology.


 Please visit ACSD Technology Committee Website for more information

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