The Word Study Team met with the Teaching & Learning Committee on Jan. 25, 2017.  Dan Andrews, Mary Morton and Erin Miller led the discussion.

Morton reviewed the literacy pilot timeline. The second cycle of materials piloting has rolled out and went smoother than the initial rollout. Teachers expressed feeling much better about the process. Upon completion of the first round of pilot materials, each teacher independently completed the scoring rubric to reflect on their experiences with that set of materials. Then, teacher teams did a collaborative scoring on the rubric, which allowed them to have further discussion about the materials. There was also discussion about how to gain community feedback on materials. Final details are in the works at this time, including the possibility of addressing each PTO ahead of conference week, where the materials could be available for preview by parents/guardians.

Morton and Miller presented details of the Northwood pilot, which focuses on phonemic awareness and oral language. Three programs were reviewed against a hybrid rubric that was based on work from the Florida Reading Research Center and Virginia’s Preschool Rubric for Curriculum Review.  The team decided to pilot Language and Literacy (from the Handwriting Without Tears company) for purchase for the 2017-18 school year.

The 3-5 Word Study Team will be postponed until next fall. This will allow the K-2 work to inform the 3-5 work.

The Committee will consider having representatives provide a parent presentation in the evening on March 21 and having materials in buildings during conference week for parent review. The Committee also discussed the merits of providing a Teaching & Learning Committee overview.

Andrews asked if a Teacher confidence survey could be conducted again for Professional Development planning purposes.

The Committee discussed the Parent Reading Camp for struggling readers, including what parents should be looking for in terms with spelling and writing, for example, and finding decodable books.