Edwards Elementary students have embraced the Making process to create solutions to challenges and craft new games and 3D objects using a wide array of materials. Technology Teacher / Librarian Teresa Green led students in each grade to provide challenges for their projects and help them research ideas for their solution before designing and building. On Tuesday, March 29, students shared their creations with parents, friends, and their peers at the school’s second annual Maker Faire.

Green said first grade students were challenged to create a marble run from recycled materials. Second graders opted to design and build a cardboard arcade based upon the video “Cain’s Arcade”.

“Third grade students learned about Simple Machines and were challenged to create a chain reaction or a marble run in which a marble drops into a cup after using at least two simple machines in the process,” Green said.

Third grader Charles Hargrove said about his chain reaction machine, “It was hard to figure out how to make it work, but when we did, it was really fun.”


Edwards fourth grader Adrian Cardenas demonstrates a Makey Makey Game Controller he made with classmate Spencer Hostetter.

Fourth graders learned to create circuits using LittleBits, Makey Makeys, or Snap Circuits.

“Given an open range of choices, most fifth grade students worked with Tinkercad to create or tinker with 3D objects that would be used in their projects,” Green said. Others worked with engineering and design challenges with cardboard construction.

“And others worked with animation and movie production as they created game ideas, human interest stories, and public service announcements,” she said.