Edwards Elementary School students have a new Buddy Bench on their playground, thanks to a community project completed by Leadership Ames- Class XXVIII and presented in a ribbon cutting Thursday, Aug. 27.


Class member Justin Moorman he got the idea for the Buddy Bench from Sawyer Elementary School, which rolled out Benches during the 2013-14 school year.

The Edwards Buddy Bench, made of green metal, faces east at the edge of the playground.

Edwards Principal David Peterson says the Buddy Bench contributes to the school’s goals for students to plan, think critically and develop social-emotional skills.

“The Buddy Bench allows students to think and plan what to play at recess and to invite each other to play,” Peterson said. “That’s what leadership is about. Including others.”

Peterson outlined the steps for using the Buddy Bench.

  • Use your words first to find a playmate before using the Buddy Bench.
  • Look around and decide what to do at recess.
  • See if you can join in a group or activity. If you find something, move from the buddy bench.
  • If you see a friend you’d like to invite to play, get off the bench and invite them.
  • If you see someone on the buddy bench, invite them to play.

The Leadership Ames – Class XXVIII members who contributed to the Buddy Bench project are Nick Hoffman, Justin Moorman, Seana Perkins, and Angie Strotman.


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